March 2013: Dittsche and Chris (Drums) still play in a Death Metal Band in Velbert. They don‘ t want to play at rehearsals forever and Death Metal is not the total satisfying music style for them, so Dittsche has the idea to make a new band. The musical influences they had in mind were Hardcore, Thrash and „normal“ Metal. Chris didn’ t need long to be persuaded and short after Björn (Bass) joined in. True Riot was born.


A rehearsal room was found soon. After a few rehearsals, things turned out to be good. Only another guitar and a shouter were still missing. Björn was still keeping contact with the guitar player of his old band, so Otti was next to be a member. The first songs were made in short time and Otti had the idea for the name True Riot and the first Logo.


In autumn 2013 shouter Heavy joined the band and in early 2014 the first demo "The Riot Begins“ with the songs Songs „We Have Arrived“, „Bigotry“ and „Sonic Devastation“ was released.


Since autumn 2015 the band is existing in the current line- up Dittsche (Guit.), Mike (Bass, Voc.), Paul (Drums), and Sascha (Guit.). In that time the new logo was created, too.


In December 2016 the first album “The Riot Goes On”, consisting of 10 songs, is released. The album is reflecting the musical development of the band in the current line- up. Everything became faster, harder, more precise. “The Riot Goes On”, was recorded and produced in the band’s studio. Besides the release as a CD, the songs are also available on all well- known streaming platforms such as i-tunes, Deezer, Spotify and others.



In their Live Performances the band impresses by their hard, deep sound which is the base for a permantly growing fanbase, according to the album title “The Riot Goes On”.